Showmanship Book Bundle – Five Showmanship Books Bundle (Master Showmanship/Round Robin)




Are you making it into masters, only to feel confused when you show different species? Have you been trying to win for years just to come up short every time? Is this going to be your first time showing beef cattle, swine, goats, or sheep and you can’t seem to find good information anywhere?

These informative and concise books will change your show career. You will finally master multiple species showmanship skills and impress that county fair judge and maybe advance for that state fair judge.

Since, you either want to start out right without the bad habits or you’re sick of searching for information that doesn’t help, it’s time to get a hold of some proven systems that work. You’re probably hearing many different opinions and they all seem to contradict each other. Your project leaders are telling you what to do, without telling you how to do it. You want to stand, set and lead your right, but you don’t know a simple way to learn. The judge keeps telling you you’re doing something wrong, but you don’t know what it is or how to improve.

Show Your Way to the Top is the book you need to master your beef showmanship skills.

Show Your Way to the Top will teach you how to show correctly the first time, so you don’t have to worry about changing bad habits later by:

  • Focusing in on the three main concerns in the show ring, so that you are not distracted by things that don’t matter
  • Teaching the exact systems champions are using like leading your steer into the stand or leaning their head correctly as you set him
  • Making you a master at showing off the views of your steer, goat, or lamb, using proven systems of stance, hand hold and style
  • Teaching you the ins and outs of swine and how they work and how to work seemlessly with them
  • Understanding sheep and goat bracing and driving, the differences and how to individually master both species
  • Taking you step by step through the confusing dairy goat manuevers and nuances you didn’t know where so important to win
  • And finally mastering the questions, teaching you in every book a set of categories to study and exactly what most judges will ask you

If you follow the advice in these books you will master your showmanship skills in no time.

What’s stopping you from looking like a professional every time you enter the show ring?


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