The goal of Mastering Livestock Showmanship is to give showmen a foundation of how to train and show their livestock exceptionally well at a county level. We want you to master livestock showmanship and to impress the county fair judges so you can focus on learning the next level when you get out and go to the big shows. We focus heavily on teaching consistency, the tricks of the trade, and emphasizing the importance of hard work and integrity.

My name is Tara Jayne Schnetz and I am the author of a series of books on livestock showmanship titled: Show Your Way to the Top! In my books I emphasize the above values. I share what I learned when showing my own livestock as well as information I gather consistently from other experts in the show world.

Three of my passions are working with livestock, writing books, and teaching youth. With livestock, I spent my first several years learning and winning one blue ribbon here and there. Everything changed at the county level, when I was 13 years old! I won first place in Rally Obedience with my dog, first place in Intermediate Showmanship with my chicken, Supreme Champion Market Lamb, and first place Intermediate and Senior Sheep Showmanship.

From there I won four more years in sheep showmanship, three more in dog showmanship, three in swine showmanship, and two in horse showmanship. With poultry and market goat, I showed in the county and at state shows winning a total of three market goat showmanship classes and six poultry showmanship classes. I have showed in Master Showmanship where I won twice at the county level in small animal masters and twice in large animal masters. That adds up to an exciting total of 27 showmanship wins, not including any of my market or breed shows. I enjoyed showing and couldn’t have done any of it without the grace of God and am grateful for every success I have accomplished.

Because I showed so many times at so many levels, I have actually lost many more competitions than I have won. I could have started out with the information you have and done much better, but of course I didn’t have a book to read. I want to encourage you to take advantage of the knowledge I share and be a person that shares your knowledge and teaches others.

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