Showmanship Flash Card Series: Senior Swine




Do you feel embarrassed every time a judge asks questions? Would you like to have an answer ready for every question? Are you ready to learn more about show pigs? Do you want to be the person, people come to for answers?

This 56 card deck is geared towards anyone looking to dive deep. You will finally master showmanship knowledge and impress judges. Since you want to be prepared, it’s time to get a hold of a good deck that works!

This senior deck is the next step for you to get ahead. A deck like this is easy to carry, take anywhere, pull out while waiting for a class, or quiz your friends on.

This deck will challenge you to learn, memorize, and drill yourself on the knowledge of show pigs, as well as ask and answer things such as:

  • Mastering a deeper knowledge  and understanding of ear notches
  • Swine Production Acronyms, and Show pig terminology
  • Getting deeper into industry terminology such as farrowing crates, paylene and Artificial Insemination
  • An understanding of the cuts of meat and where they come from
  • Diving farther into knowing swine breeds and their characteristics

If you master this deck and the junior deck, you will feel like the showmanship knowledge master and will be impressing judges in no time.

What’s stopping you from looking like a professional every time you enter the show ring? Scroll to the top and click the “Add to Cart” button!


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