Here are five simple tips to walk your show lambs better. One of the keys to moving up higher in the show world is doing the basics better than everyone else.

#1: Stay behind the lamb’s Shoulder. Walking out in front of your lamb will cause them to slow or stop. Walking behind the animal’s shoulder gives them an open space to walk and they can feel like they are walking away from you.

#2: Maintain good eye contact. Eye contact is your best friend when it comes to getting a show judge’s eyes on you. Eye contact is like a secret weapon that is underestimated in the show ring all the time. No matter how much it is talked about, many showmen still don’t use it to their advantage.

#3: Keep your lamb’s neck up high. When it comes from going from the bottom to the top – this is the first thing you can do. In order to make your sheep look amazing all the time, focus on their front one-third. Both while walking or bracing your sheep, keep that neck at a 90-degree angle and you can begin to move up the ranks in showmanship.

#4: Use the ring. Don’t cut corners. Using the whole ring is an extremely subtle and easily forgotten step. If you can use the whole ring, go closer to the rail and the corners, you will stand out at those county fairs since often no one else is doing it.

#5: Work on Style. Video Yourself of practice in front of a mirror. Style is one of those things that is hard to teach, but it works really well. Work on your style. Find a showman you like and imitate them. Video yourself and practice in front of a mirror. All of these things will help you incredibly.

Take these five steps the next time you enter the ring. It’s not fancy, it might even be boring, but it works.

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