Training Show Pigs That First Week

Does your new show pig never calm down enough for you to catch up to him?

If so, you probably skipped a step or two. The first week you need to spend as much time with your pigs as possible. However, you must realize that you can’t move on to each new step until your pig is ready for it.

Today you will learn the importance of each step the first several weeks and how to do them right.

Proper Use of a Pig Show Stick

Are you struggling to get your pig to listen to your show stick cues?

To get the best possible results with your show stick, you want to use it just right. Learning exactly where to tap your pig will drastically change the way your pig reacts.

In this video we will cover turning, getting the pig moving, and getting the head up like a top notch show pig. Watch the video to see exactly how to use your show stick and show your way to the top!