Five Basics to Keeping Your Show Lamb Stuck

Here are five basics to keeping your lamb stuck. ‘Set’ and ‘stuck’ are often used interchangeably or even the word ‘braced’. Often the best thing you can do is focus on the fundamentals. You need to do the basics better than anyone else in order to be noticed. #1: Check often that your lamb’s feet […]

Five Tips To Walking Your Show Lamb’s Better

Here are five simple tips to walk your show lambs better. One of the keys to moving up higher in the show world is doing the basics better than everyone else. #1: Stay behind the lamb’s Shoulder. Walking out in front of your lamb will cause them to slow or stop. Walking behind the animal’s […]

Hoof Trimming for Club Lambs

Are you worried about messing up trimming your lamb’s hoofs?

Do your sheep jump around making it impossible to hold them still?

You might be surprised that trimming hoofs can be extremely simple if you know what you are doing. In today’s video, I will take you through a super clear, step-by-step system on how to trim hoofs and to do it well.

Sheep Housing For Market Lambs

Are you or your project kids overwhelmed thinking about housing your first market lamb?

If you want to learn the basics of housing show sheep or want to see actual footage of different types of structures, you won’t want to miss this video.

Today you will learn everything you need to be prepared to house your lambs without getting surprised when you bring your sheep home or when it rains.

Shearing Your Club Lamb

Have you ever tried to shear your own lamb, but just couldn’t get it right?

Clipping your lamb can look easy, but once you start it always seems harder than you thought.

Today you can watch a lamb shear job from the main body to the face and even the very basics of blending the legs.

In this video, you will learn the basics of holding your clippers and getting the lambs main body looking great.

Easily Catch Your Show Sheep

Have you ever struggled with catching your show sheep?

You might be surprised at how stress free, for both you and your lamb, catching can be. Catching your lamb should get easier as you train, but this video will help you do it well from the very beginning.

In this video, you can learn two great options for safely catching your lamb. Watch the video to see exactly how top showmen catch their lambs!

Early Training of Young Lambs

Do you raise your own lambs, but have no idea how early to start your training?

Training with newborn lambs can be started as soon as a week or so after they are born. You can jump start your training program by getting lambs used to being around you from day one.

Training is all about keeping them calm and getting them comfortable with you at this stage. Watch the video to see exactly how to work with your young lambs!

Proper Use of a Lamb Halter

Does your lamb’s halter constantly get in their eyes or do your lambs escape from the halter?

In today’s video, I am talking about how to put a halter on your lamb and about a couple different halters that you can use.

I am getting out into the barn and giving real life examples.