Getting a Perfect Brace on Your Lamb

Are you looking for solid advice to get the perfect brace from your lamb? In that case, my video today is exactly what you are looking for!

Today, I am talking about bracing your show lambs. I cover four key factors to getting a good brace. I don’t hide any of the secrets I learned showing livestock!

The first factor is trust. That one might sound odd, but its a big part of having a good calm lamb come show day. The second is that bracing has to be the lamb’s idea. Finally, third is head control, and fourth is leg placement.

Dive in, watch my brief video, and come back for more great tips soon!

Halter Training Your Club Lambs

Are you struggling to get your lamb to calm down on a halter? Does your lamb panic anytime you try tying him to the fence?

If so, I can help. Today I will break down halter training to show you step by step how to halter, tie, and train your club lamb.

Halter training is such an important first step when you get your lamb home. In order to succeed at every part of training, first you want to do this step well!

Hoof Trimming for Club Lambs

Are you worried about messing up trimming your lamb’s hoofs?

Do your sheep jump around making it impossible to hold them still?

You might be surprised that trimming hoofs can be extremely simple if you know what you are doing. In today’s video, I will take you through a super clear, step-by-step system on how to trim hoofs and to do it well.

Sheep Housing For Market Lambs

Are you or your project kids overwhelmed thinking about housing your first market lamb?

If you want to learn the basics of housing show sheep or want to see actual footage of different types of structures, you won’t want to miss this video.

Today you will learn everything you need to be prepared to house your lambs without getting surprised when you bring your sheep home or when it rains.