Shearing Your Club Lamb

Have you ever tried to shear your own lamb, but just couldn’t get it right?

Clipping your lamb can look easy, but once you start it always seems harder than you thought.

Today you can watch a lamb shear job from the main body to the face and even the very basics of blending the legs.

In this video, you will learn the basics of holding your clippers and getting the lambs main body looking great.

New Year’s Giveaway!

You can enter to win a free showmanship book!

I’m giving away four books to start the year off right. One for each species; sheep, swine, market goat, and beef.

Contest ends January 6th 2021!

Tying Your Show Calf Explained

Are you unsure of how to begin tying your club calf?

Training a show calf begins with the very simple step of tying your calf. It is key to get your calf used to you and to standing still. Just for this video, we will assume the calf has already been halter trained.

In this video, you will learn what equipment you need, the many benefits to tying your calf, and how to do it well!

Easily Catch Your Show Sheep

Have you ever struggled with catching your show sheep?

You might be surprised at how stress free, for both you and your lamb, catching can be. Catching your lamb should get easier as you train, but this video will help you do it well from the very beginning.

In this video, you can learn two great options for safely catching your lamb. Watch the video to see exactly how top showmen catch their lambs!

Proper Use of a Pig Show Stick

Are you struggling to get your pig to listen to your show stick cues?

To get the best possible results with your show stick, you want to use it just right. Learning exactly where to tap your pig will drastically change the way your pig reacts.

In this video we will cover turning, getting the pig moving, and getting the head up like a top notch show pig. Watch the video to see exactly how to use your show stick and show your way to the top!

Dairy Goat Collars

Are you struggling to find the best dairy goat collar?

In today’s video, I am discussing some of the different collars used on goats and which one is the best one for the show ring.

You can use all kinds of chains or collars, but choosing the one judges prefer most is a great way to stand out on show day.

Early Training of Young Lambs

Do you raise your own lambs, but have no idea how early to start your training?

Training with newborn lambs can be started as soon as a week or so after they are born. You can jump start your training program by getting lambs used to being around you from day one.

Training is all about keeping them calm and getting them comfortable with you at this stage. Watch the video to see exactly how to work with your young lambs!

Proper Use of a Lamb Halter

Does your lamb’s halter constantly get in their eyes or do your lambs escape from the halter?

In today’s video, I am talking about how to put a halter on your lamb and about a couple different halters that you can use.

I am getting out into the barn and giving real life examples.